The launch of xcore.finance(XCOREv2) is officially here! We have organized this article to briefly summarize the project and provide transparency for investors. The project was started by passionate cryptocurrency enthusiasts in a college group discussion. There are a total of eight people related to xcore.finance(XCOREv2) however, only two of the members are considered devs and have access to the code and contract. The five other members are brainstorming partners and do not have experience with writing or building defi programs, but have basic understandings of system applications and finance. I am working on handling the communication side of things, trying to keep everyone updated as we go along. For now, we have chosen to remain anon however, those close to the project know who we are. We are currently working on a twitter account and landing website.


  • 10,000 Max Supply
  • View our token contract here:


Focus on creating a stable price for XCOREv2 with deflationary burn mechanics, while creating incentive to hold tokens for passive income.